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Raziel's Profile


Account Info:

Name: Raziel
Member Since: 2023-02-16
Last Updated: 2023-02-21

Basic Info:

Status: Visitor to the site
Sex: Female
Birthday: 2001-02-14
Residence: Ganymede

Contact Info:

Screenname: CyberAngeldust
Blog: https://expectationemesis.net/

Personal Info:

Looking For: Peace of mind
Interested In: Meeting new friends!
Relationship Status: Single
Political Views: No thnx <3
Interests: Digital art, coding, web archival, scenefur
Music: Celldweller - The Last Firstborn
Favorite Movies: 2001: A Space Odyssey
Favorite Quote: "Ground Control to Major Tom, take your protein pills ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED and put your helmet on ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED"
About Me: Haiii! I'm Raziel~ a queer & proud fluffy dragon who's heavily interested in internet nostalgia. There isn't much to say about me... I'm not that interesting. :P

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